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Amazing Infographic

Amazing Infographic

Google Hangouts will revolutionize political debates and forums.

If you don’t know what Google Hangouts are then let me explain it really quickly. Google Hangouts is a group video chatting feature that is built into the recently launched Google+. In layman’s terms think Skype with multiple users in a call. They’ve built some awesome functionality into it. For example, there is only one large video stream and the software has intelligence to know who is talking and then place their video feed in the large view. 

Let me tell you, Google will revolutionize political debates and forums. We’re going to see it being used from the Presidential debates to TV shows. Incase you missed it, Newt Gingrich recently hosted a Google Hangout as a way of having a conversation with anyone who cared to join in. The results really amazed me and the Hangout went very smoothly. 

Here’s the video if you didn’t get a chance to see it:

I can guarantee you that we’re going to see a LOT more of these Hangouts happening. I think that Google or a third party will probably end up building a way for the Hangout creator to limit the types of people that join. I’m sure that they could get ugly really quickly without the ability to moderate who is joining. I guess that’s just a risk people that use Google Hangouts are going to take. 

Vatican 360 degree tour. Lovers, haters, and agnostics will be awestruck.

Click the link below and select a tour. It’s incredible. The quality is the best 360* photography I’ve ever seen.

360* Vatican Tour

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Where’s Google making its money? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A reminder to us all. 

Information: Past, Present, and Future.

The Future

The first and most dramatic change is the concept of Social News. Social news is quickly taking over our need for staying up-to-date with what goes on in the world. News is no longer being reported by journalists, now it comes from everyone. And it is being reported directly from the source to you - bypassing the traditional media channels.

But social news is much more than that. It is increasingly about getting news directly from the people who makes it. Instead of having a journalist reporting what some analyst are saying, you hear it from the analyst herself. Social news is about getting news from the source, directly, and unfiltered.

A new wave of entertainment is emerging (the light blue and purple areas), one dominated by the games, video and audio streams. Instead of tuning into a TV channel, you decide what to see and when to see it. We are no longer subscribing to a channel, where someone else decides what you can see. You decide and control everything about the experience.

And a new concept in the form of targeted information is slowly emerging. We are already seeing an increasing number of services on mobile phones, where you can get information for the area that you are in. E.g. instead of showing all the restaurants in the world, you will only get a list of the restaurants in your area.

This is something that is going to explode into in the years to come. In the world where we have access to more information that we can consume, getting only the relevant parts is going to be a very important element. And, this will expand far beyond the simple geo-targeting that we see today.

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Don’t kick the chair out from under yourself just yet.

With the news that Moodys is talking about downgrading US debt from its current AAA rating, it seems that everyone is panicing and not thinking rationally. I encourage you to take a step back and relax. We’re not approaching a cliff. It might be a large downhill slope, but we’re not going to fall to our death.

Look at the following chart. This shows how our nation’s debt has increased over time and how it’s at very high levels. This is the chart you’ll see from the fear mongers (the media): 

HOWEVER, we live in a world of relativity and relatively speaking, we’re not in uncharted territory. When you look at our debt as a fraction of our GDP you see the following chart. 

We’ve comeback from these levels of debt before and we can do it again. However, we’ll need to cut our government spending levels as we did before after WW2. This means:

  • Cut defense spending. We currently spend more than 40% of tax revenue on defense. This is insane and needs to stop.
  • Input clauses that require our debt be below a certain % of GDP. Politicians will not be re-electable if our nations debt is above that fraction. Period. (This is similar to Warren Buffett’s 5 minute plan to fix the deficit).
  • Rethink the role we want the government to play in our nation. Is it the American people serving under the government or is it the government serving under the American people?

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